Virtue cards

Virtue card * Forgiving

ForgivingI get go of the past, the mistakes of others and myself and I become free.周りの人や自分自身の失敗を許すことで、わたしは自由になるでしょう。

Virtue card * Angelic

AngelicLike an angel,I constantly give subtle care and help to others.天使のように、いつも絶えることなく周りの人の事を思い、助けます。

Virtue card * Joyful

JoyfulI dance in the happiness and joy of life,free from fear and worries.生きていることへの幸福と喜びに満ちていて恐れや心配からは自由です。

Virtue Cards*Special

SpecialRealizing how special and unique I am, I see the specialities of others.自分がどれだけ個性的で特別かが分かると、他人の素晴らしさもわかる。

Virtue Cards✨

BALIで見つけてしまったVirtue Cards***Whenever you feel you need help in a challenging situation, or some inspiration, or just a new way to look at life, sit quietly, ask, then select a card or two, at random, Then, let that card guide y…